Happy new year 2012

Published on: 04.08.2011
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Happy new year 2012

Happy new year 2012

For those of you who don’t know what clip art is and why it’s so popular, we’ll tell you a little bit about it first. We all know how obsessed people can get with scrap books, cutting out tiny pictures and putting them together in the album next to the photos from graduation, birthday or any other party. In clip art the principle is absolutely the same except for the fact that it can be used in so many more ways, like graphics, postcards, dividers, frames etc. In other words, it can be described as any visual image that can be of different shape, color, size , theme. The term originated back in times when images were physically cut or clipped from somewhere and put into a different spot in publishing business. Nowadays it is more related to the computers, in particular desktop publishing.

I did happy new year 2012 clip art as many years doing images from this series (2009,2010,2011 and now 2012). For examples, clip arts from happy new year series used on articles illustrate:

Examples of use new year pictures

Happy new year 2012 clip art, wallpapers, cards, images – it all with this picture

Thus, if you have an important event coming up, like new year 2012, there’s a great number of things that you can do using clip art. You can use it as wallpaper, articles illustration, new year cards illustration. Let’s look at the following picture that says – happy new year 2012, which is one of the examples of modern clip art. There’s just two colors used – red and shining silver in convex letters, just the right colors for a happy new year party’s mood. There’s a great number of ways what you can do in preparation for New Year 2012. Let’s start with the well-known fact that New Year is one of the international holidays, whether being celebrated in the beginning of the year or in March (the time when people in Central Asia) or in any other time – all people on the globe celebrate it. It’s no secret also that getting presents on this day is quite an old tradition. Some people have certain idea what can be given as a present on New Year, the other ones try to be more creative and try to spruce things up a little. One of the great ways to do that is to take advantage of happy new year 2012 clip art. So, in order to impress your colleagues, friends or family you can make your own unique postcards, banners and other things that can come in handy for such occasion. If you want to make the banner it’s a great way to congratulate all the people you gather together at one time. Just put it in a noticeable spot and you will see what an attention-catcher that will be. Another way is to send happy new year 2012 cards. If you are quite picky and sometimes spend more than all the other people do on choosing the card that’s going to be just perfect and suit just right for this or that special occasion, then you probably not once wondered if there’s a way to create something on your own. Thus, you can create a new year card that’s going to have exactly what you want: the right kind of picture right where you want it, other small details and the style of the congratulation text letters. If you want to have the original design of the text that you are going to have on either the banner, the postcard or a web page, then clip art is again the answer. The variety of the sizes, fonts, shapes and colors can be used to create the right design like we can see in the example picture above. New Year is a great opportunity to use your creativity in graphic design: whether it’s a new year card or the huge and colorful banner – it will be something remembered for a very long time.

And in the end we want to add one more time that visual images play a very important role and sometimes finding the right ones can be very challenging. You don’t want to be stuck with the standard ones that everybody is using but at the same time you don’t want to have much expenses on that either. When you want to find that “golden mean” then this is something that Rellas on istockphoto has to offer.

The sizes: from 400×300 px to 7500×5625 px (high resolution – 42,1 megapixels)

Price: from 2 to 30 credits on istockphoto

Thank you and happy new year 2012!

Preview in different sizes 400x300px & 800x600px (click on picture):
Happy new year 2012 preview 400x300pxHappy new year 2012 800x600px preview

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